Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion.

Hi there reader, well as tomorrow I leave for the UK, for 4 weeks, I have been getting everything in order, the feeder is working well, although as it’s outside the coop, it’s feeding half the suburbs sparrow population too, which is a bit disconcerting, I think I should move it into the coop, although it may be a bit cramped, it would stop the possible disease threat from the sparrows and stop them eating the feed too.

The chicken minder came around yesterday, he’s a friend Noel who happens to be Welsh, and has a slight fear of hens, as a boy his mother had 200 hens or more on the allotments, I think the flock all rushing towards him as a boy scared him so much it has stayed with him. Hopefully this much smaller and quieter hens encounter will help him overcome any woes. I assured him that the girls will run away from him, as they do with us, unless you have food in your hands.

This is the longest time we will have been away from the hens, to be honest there is a part of me that is worried for them, but the most part knows they’ll be able to scrounge of the neighbours if  it comes to the worst . So I’ve cleaned out the coop, scrubbed down the decks, stocked up with 40kgs of pellets, everything is, as they used to say, in ship shape , and Bristol fashion.