New Chicks on the Block

Hi there keepers, and readers, we have new chicks in the flock. Three new Wyandotte Gold Lace, we did have a Minorca too, but if fear it landed on a thorn or got stung by a Weta, unforseen dangers. As we have no rooster, we got some fertile eggs from our friendly breeder, Raewyn Norton of Waitakere Township. The hatch rate was about 50%, as we had another Minorca that didn’t make it much passed the hatching stage, maybe as our broody hen is a Wyandotte, she wasn’t paying too much attention to the ones that didn’t look like hers? The three survivors are all doing well, learning from there surrogate mother, how to find grubs in the ground, etc. I will add pics to this post soon. The new chicks on the block will boost our flock back to a reasonable number for a backyard chicken coop.

Welcome One and All

dsc01819Hi there, and welcome to The Chicken Keeper, my name is Rob and this blog is devoted to the keeping of chickens, and the trials and tribulations that go with it.

We started keeping chickens in September 2008, the list of poultry we have at present,  one Minorca, and four Wyandotte Golden Laced .  At present we live on a 1/4 of an acre with a creek running through the back, in Waitakere City, which is part of the greater Auckland area in the North Island of New Zealand, although I’m originally  London/Irish from Hackney, and the other half  is from Waterford, in Ireland.  We are just keeping enough hens to provide eggs for the family, we also grow some herbs and vegetables.  I’ve built the coop and run from recycled materials, see DIY corner for more details.

Comments are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the site and maybe find some of it useful.             If reading is not for you then check out the pics in the Secret Layer ^.

Waitakere City By Law Poultry Keeping

Keeping Birds and Poultry


Keeping roosters

Rural areas:
There are no restrictions on the keeping of roosters in rural areas.
Contact us to find out if you are listed as living in a rural area .

Urban areas:
Roosters are only permitted on properties larger than 2,000m2 in size in urban areas.
Contact us to find out if you are listed as living in a urban area 


Keeping poultry

Geese, domestic ducks, pigeons, turkeys, doves, peacocks, chickens and any other “domestic fowl” are classed as poultry under Council’s Bylaw 4, Chapter 13.

Rural areas: 
There are no restrictions on the keeping of poultry in rural areas.  
Contact us to find out if you are listed as living in a rural area

Urban areas:
The Bylaw limits the number of poultry that may be kept without Council consent to 12. Poultry housing must be weatherproof and capable of being easily cleaned. The housing is not permitted to be closer than 2 metres from the boundary or within 10 metres of a dwelling. 

I thought this might be useful to some, especially if you live in Waitakere City, 🙂 , lucky for me , if i lived a few kms east, i’d only be allowed half the birds.