Get Growing

Hi keepers, it seems that growing your own vegetables in the back garden or window box, is popular again, so much so in New Zealand, that Prime TV has launched a new programme called ‘Get Growing’, but gone are the old withered gardeners with their flat caps and wild eyebrows, and in walk,’ The Cole Family’, a fresh looking nuclear family, 2 kids complete with red hair, no sign of a labrador yet, just Daisy the cat.

It’s refreshing to see a programme that is dedicated to growing food in gardens, rather than the many gardening programmes that are set in stately homes with gardens the size of a small national park. This seems to show you the basics of growing our own, well done.

Jon and Devoney Cole along with Otis and Dash the two children get stuck in to making their suburban garden a feast of food. It’s early in the series, I’m hoping they will get some chickens aswell.

A friend recent told me she has started growing tomatoe plants, and it’s the first time she has grown anything to eat.  She was  so excited about her tomatoe plant, great to hear someone exicted about plants, she told how it fruited, like an excited kid on christmas day explaining how their new  toy works.

Our own vegetables and herbs are coming along nicely, I am most impressed with the Chilli plants, two plants will produce more chillies than we will eat in a year. It’s just about always the right time of year to plant something in the garden, so get out there and get growing.

Plastic Plant Pots

Just a quick post about plastic plant pots, along the money saving side of things. If you are not concern about the looks of your plant pots, then try looking for cheap buckets in $2 shops, or £1 shops, depending where you live. Remember to drill some holes in the bottom of them for drainage. I found large 10 litre buckets for $2.50 each, the equivilant size plant pot was $10.00, so that’s quite a saving if your buying a few. I find them ideal for growing tomatoes.

Camp Tenko on Full Lockdown!

As some of you may have read on the chicken update page, the girls have been locked up. Our very patient neighbour came  to the door this week and said something had to be done about the hens, they had eaten all his silvet beet (spinach like), not to mention the droppings left around his property, I’d say they have been going over to his garden for a good ten months or more. 

 Camp Tenko on full Lockdown

Tenko for chickens

The chicken run had fallen into a bit of disrepair as it wasn’t really in use other than first thing in the morning at last thing in the evening. So when the hens were put back in with the gate shut, they soon found holes in the bamboo fence big enough to get through, which was helpful to me for patching up the right places, it was a bit of a process, patch up one hole and wait for them to find the next way out. They made quite and effort in one case pulling back the wire fencing in one corner and wriggling under it, once that had been repaired they then searched for the next chink in the fence. After two hours of this, it seemed like I had found all the ways out, only to get up the next morning to find them all out, they had pushed the wire on the gate out at the bottom and crawled underneath it,  honestly they make David Blaine look like an amateur, that’s David Blaine now not David Bain, don’t what to get those two mixed up.

After day two of observing them escape and patching the gaps, they seem to be contained, however they are intent on escape, so I imagine I will ahve futher work to do yet, well it’s hard to see them locked up in a space about one twentieth of what they have gotten used to. As I type this Nancy has escaped, she just wants to get to the old nest which is at the front of the house.

The others seem ok about laying their eggs in the new nest areas I have provided for them, mainly though they look a bit bored in the run, I have been trying to find things to put in the run to keep them occupied, yesterday a put a grapefruit in for them, it was amusing to watch them peck at it, then shake their heads, simularly to a child given something bitter for the first time, but they went back for more, with the same result, which made me wonder about their memory time frame.

Hopefully they will get used to their new situation and so will we, it will benefit us in the long run too, as they would eat our vegetables too and the mess they leave around the house is undesirable, the garden should get a chance to recover from the constant pecking from the hens, maybe we can get some kind of lawn happening at the back now. I sign off  heavy hearted.