Hi there this is in D.I.Y corner, but it seemed popular so I’ve posted it here too.

Rather than go to a shop a buy a plastic bin thats awkward to use, I decided to build my own from recycled timbers, even if you use bought wood, it’s still going to be better than plastic.

I started by finding the four posts for the corners, these are a mixture of pieces of pallets, and salvaged pieces of old fence post wood, as I had been recently donated a bag of ready mixed quick drying cement, left over from a job I did for a local,  I decided to concrete the posts in place, I only went down approxiamately 100mm, (easier to remove later if need be), using a wall as the back,  then place post in hole, fill hole with water, then pour in ready mix, pushing it down with fingers to get all the air out, ( however there is no need to use concrete at all, but if you dont then I suggest you put your posts at least 200mm into the ground, and pack the dirt back in using a heavy boot ), I then waited 1/2 hr for the cement to set, (it’s that quick), then cut all of the side pieces to length, and nailed them to the inside of the posts, thus making it easier to shovel out, with the straight edges,(see pic below). For the front I have placed two pieces of wood across at the bottom only, I may go higher as the heap grows, this will make it easier to get the fork in to turn it, plus stop the hens from scraping it out.  Also a hinged lid maybe put on in time.


compost bin

compost bin

Upgrading The Coop

It has occurred to me that the present coop suits the hens very well, they are warm, safe and dry. However the flaw in my design, is that it isn’t easy for me to clean out, therefore i have set about constructing a more practical coop, for both myself and the girls,.

Materials have been sourced from the local plumbing worlds, excess pallet pile, kindly donated, (i shall return with eggs, to try and ensure a steady supply of timber), it shall be a two storey affair, as the two new hens, daisy n nellie, have taken to perching up high, mainly to get away from the constant pecking from nancy.

This time i’m using a whole small pallet as a removable floor, which will slide out of the front for easy use,  the floor of the coop should also stay cleaner as the droppings can fall through the gaps in the pallet, so far i’ve noticed they are quite good at going in the same place, do others find this?

The frame it is finished, and i’ve started cladding it with some top planks from other pallets, it’s starting to shape up nicely, i do find this frustrating , not being able to put up pics here.

Well i shall try to describe my progress, as accurately as i can, hopefully with a slice of humour too.