Due to Technical Difficulties

Hi there keepers, I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties, due I suspect to the recent swap of my browser, I have changed it to Flock, which seems better in some areas, however I’m finding it frustrating in that it won’t do somethings without asking you loads of questions, like some descendant of H.A.L from 2001, ‘Are you sure you want to do that Rob?’ , ‘ I don’t think you should do that Rob ‘, I imagine it has the same condescending tones of a new age counsellor.

It seems to have some how stopped me from uploading pics, as you can see I’m still able to post text. If anyone out there has had experience with this and knows a fix-it, I’m all ears.

Meanwhile all the girls are getting along, I think the shavers are starting to realise that Dotty the Light Sussex, is going to be bigger than them, as they seem to not be pecking at her at all, now she is the same size as them, infact yesterday Dotty stole some bread from both Nancy and Gloria, with no reprise, they both kind of stopped in their tracks, in disbelief that they had just been mugged by the new chick, who really isn’t much of a chick any more, probably a rebelious teenager now, in terms of hen years. Which is why I’m so frustrated with the techy probs, as I can’t show you the progression of the Girls.

On another note, as I look at the visitor map, ( to the top left), I see that there are now 27 countries onboard, welcome to you all, Hola, Bonjour, Wilkommen, Cead mile failte, Kia Ora, G’day, Ciao, Salem, Shalom.