Broody Hen Moves Out.

I have been very busy working away from the house for the past couple of weeks, and it dawned on me late last week, that I hadn’t seen one of our hens Daisy for a few days. She is prone to being hassled by swamp hens and traffic as she tends to roam the neighbourhood a bit, mainly she goes around the block to a house that feed the wilds birds and fowl.

Only about a month she was attacked quite badly by the pukeko’s ( swamp hens), as I hadn’t seen her for days and she wasn’t returning to the coop at night, I feared the worst. I looked around the area for signs of an attack, i.e feathers everywhere, but nothing, she seemed  to have disappeared.

Then two days ago as my better half was walking to work, she saw Daisy over at the neighbour who feeds the birds with bread everyday, she crossed over to grab her to return her home, but she growled in her leave me alone chicken way and ran off across the road into the scrub beside the stream. I presume she has a nest there somewhere, I haven’t found it yet, but it was relief to know she’s still alive, even though I’m a bit annoyed she’s moved out and I can’t find her eggs. They keep you on your toes.