Manuella Steals Cuddle Crown

Hi there keepers, one of the parts of keeping chickens, other than the beautiful eggs, I enjoy,  is having a little peaceful time on a chair in the garden with a hen on my lap, stroking their soft feathers is very relaxing, simular I suppose to what people get out of stroking a cat , dog or other furry animal. I once had a school friend who had a piece of velvet with him at all times, he would get it out of his pocket and stroke it when he became stressed, I wonder what became of him?

So I was as pleased as Punch, when we got Manuella (Minorca) home, and took her out of the box she had been transported in, I thought I’d just try to calm her down a bit with a few strokes,  well to the amazement of us all, she layed down on my lap with her neck stretched out down my leg, then fell asleep. She stayed there for some time, and it wasn’t a one off either, the next day I brought her inside to show the family in Ireland on Skype through the PC, and she did the same thing, she sat on my son’s lap while he played PC games, she really likes her cuddles.

Gloria, one of shavers was the cuddle queen, but she would only endure 5mins maybe 10 mins at the most, however I think that crown has been well and truely stolen by Manuella De Minorca.

Welcome One and All

dsc01819Hi there, and welcome to The Chicken Keeper, my name is Rob and this blog is devoted to the keeping of chickens, and the trials and tribulations that go with it.

We started keeping chickens in September 2008, the list of poultry we have at present,  one Minorca, and four Wyandotte Golden Laced .  At present we live on a 1/4 of an acre with a creek running through the back, in Waitakere City, which is part of the greater Auckland area in the North Island of New Zealand, although I’m originally  London/Irish from Hackney, and the other half  is from Waterford, in Ireland.  We are just keeping enough hens to provide eggs for the family, we also grow some herbs and vegetables.  I’ve built the coop and run from recycled materials, see DIY corner for more details.

Comments are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the site and maybe find some of it useful.             If reading is not for you then check out the pics in the Secret Layer ^.

New Arrivals

Maria, Betty and Dorothy.

Maria, Betty and Dorothy.

Hello reader, i’m very excited, we have increased the number of varieties we have by 300%, that sounds like alot when you put it that way, but basically what we did, was go and buy 3 new chicks, all of different breeds, as we only had the one breed to begin with, (the brown shaver), it’s quadrupled our breeds instantly.

The new varieties are, Black Minorca, Light Sussex( sounds like a brigade of calvalry), and a Wyandotte Gold Lace, the Minorca is quite a large bird, and the chick is a few weeks old, and the two younger ones have adopted her as their surrogate mother. The Black Minorca is a fine bird, she has black/ blue eyes that look quiet demonic, the devils’ own hen. The breeder from whom we purchased the chicks, had so many breeds, with some amazing specimens, she is a member of the Auckland Poultry Society, and enters lots of shows.

Also, much to the delight of t.o.h., this poultry breeder also breeds pigs, and there was a litter of piglets running around in the neighbouring sty, that will be the next addition i feel to the urban farm, fortunately they were all pre-sold.