A Picture can say a thousand Words

Hi there, regards trying to determine Maria’s sexuality. The main comment I have recieved,  is  ‘a pic would help’ , well at the moment, both our cameras have developed faults instead of pics, My Lithium batteries are dead, and the other half’s camera got a little wet when we were kayaking, and has stopped linking to the pc.

I started to wonder, due to the request for pic from most, whether there is a defining way to tell if a bird is  a rooster at a young age without seeing it, other than the obvious, wait til it crows!. There must be someone out there who can tell, as we all know we sit and look at our chickens for hours on end. My gut instinct tells me, she a he, and I was right about the guy in a dress at the bar last friday, so maybe I should just go with my instinct.

Any other tips or old wives tales( is that still an acceptable term?) would be much appreciated.