Big Fat Renee

Hi keepers, the end of an era, Big Fat Renee has passed away. She was a force to be reckoned with, a Light Sussex, an ironic name for such a bird, she was huge, the same as the two featured in the ‘Chicken Police’ vid below. It was very sudden and quick, she was standing in the middle of the garden, and then gone, a heart attack is all I can think happen, it was over in a matter of seconds. We think she was at least 5 years old, hard to know exactly as we got her as an adult, she was an ex show bird, we should have called her ‘Lola’ based on that. Her character will be sadly missed by us, but I don’t think the rest of the flock will miss her to much, she was very greedy, and stood over the feed so none of the others could get a look in.

Fertile Eggs

Hi there keepers, exciting times ahead for our little flock, we have been out to see the lovely Raewyn and Gary to get some new additions to our flock, this time we’ve gone for some fertile eggs, as Renee our Light Sussex is broody at the moment. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she was broody for about two months last year,  she became poorly from sitting on the nest box too long, even though I had removed the eggs, she still sat there day after day, eventually I just threw her out every morning, until she got the message.


So this year we thought we’d give Renee some eggs to hatch, it’s the first time we’ve try this, and possibly a first for Renee. We got her as an adult so not sure. She is currently sitting on three Wyandotte Silver Laced, three Barred Rock ( Plymouth), and two Dorkings, it was quite simple to just slip the eggs under her, I left two of her eggs in with them, just so she didn’t get worried about her own eggs, I don’t know it’s all guess work for me,  here’s hoping they all hatch. I think Renee will make a good mother hen, I just hope the others are ok with little chicks, and don’t get aggressive towards them.

I will let you know how it goes along the way, Happy Keeping.

A Happy New Year

Hi and a happy new year to those following the christian calender, or gregorian as it’s refered to, I hope all went well with the start to the new decade. The hens have started 2010 contained finally, it seems, in my patchwork run made of wire, bamboo, string and pieces of pallet wood.

Renee our Light Sussex has seen the new decade in still sitting on the eggs that will never hatch, yesterday when I removed the nest box to change the hay, she went back into the coop, saw that the box was gone, and then came back out to look at the coop,  then went back in to check again, like she was checking if she had the right house, on the second visit convinced she was in the right coop, she just sat on the floor where the nest box had been.

Good fortunes in the new year..