Return Of The Keeper

Hi readers, thanks to all of you who dropped by while I was gone fishing. It was a lovely week of sand surf and sun, caught one fish too small to eat, back it went into the sea til next year. There’s a new pic in The Secret Layer of the beautiful location.

Returned home to find all hens in order, thanks to our lovely chicken sitters, The Stokoe Family. Daisy’s comb has healed alot after being attacked by a Pukeko, it nearly ripped the whole comb off, and left her with a couple of nasty gashes in the top of her head, they have been very protective of their space as they have small chicks at the moment, and Daisy got too close.

A strange demonic looking cat has taken up residence in our garden since we have been away. It has white eyes, very scruffy appearance, and appears to have killed a rat in the run, the hens are aware of the cat, but don’t seem too perturbed.

Alls well.

It’s all over the place

Hi there readers, well you know, I try, I keep upgrading the facilities, however on occasion I have to go and earn some money, which of course means being away from the hens for the day, as it turns out I’ve been busy the past 2 weeks, and in that time the girls have moved nests, were down to 1 egg a day, Nancy is still broody but not laying, the coop le grande has come to a grinding halt, and the garden is in need of some t.l.c., it is frustrating to say the least.

I feel caught in a Catch 22 ( great book by the way), if I work from home I get a bit stir crazy, and if I work away from home, I end up with twice as much to do when I am here. This may sound like I’m complaining, well it isn’t, this is just one way I find useful to make it all seem better, ranting about it, seems to lighten the load, getting off your chest so to speak, or should I say breast as this is a chicken blog.

Manuella put her self into the coop last night, seems they are all friends now, well to a degree, not as pecky since Nancy has been absent. The rat seems to have disappeared, not in a David Copperfield way, more in a eaten by a cat way I think, as a stray tabby has been lurking around over the past couple of weeks, not really a threat to the girls, as she is smaller than most of them, and I’ve seen them fight off  ‘Leroy ‘  the Cornish Rex cat, known by some of the neighbours as ‘ the bird killer ‘, very sharp claws indeed, as he is brown, we have nicked named him, ‘ the  baddest cat in town ‘ .

Wanted !!!! Pied Piper. Pays Bad, Eggs Good.

Yes keepers, rats, so far I have seen the local stray cat take one from the garden, big enough to feed her family, i myself caught one that was burrowing under the black plastic that covers an area under the deck, to stop the weeds coming up, next bit not for the squeemish,close eyes now, I clubbed it with end blunt side of the axe, direct hit, not to sound too macabre, it kind of reminded me of one of those funfair sideshows,with the mallets and the strange looking clowns that pop out of the holes, and if you hit enough of them you win a cuddlely monkey.

I have set a trap under the house, on the path of a little vermin, I can see it’s little footprints,left in the dust that has gathered on the top of an old printer left by a previous tenant,( soon to be appearing on TradeMe), the printer that is not the previous tenant. The rat has not been fooled by the trap as yet, infact it has eaten all of the dairy lea slice off of the trap without setting it off, careful eating this rat. It now has a small smorga’s board of food, chick crums, laying pellets of two varieties, and dairy lea cheese, no wonder it’s quite happy to live under our house.

The hens are very good at alarming us to any prowlers in the garden, they wentt off at about 5:30 this afternoon, and sure enough ,when I went to investigate, the local bird catching cat Leroy, ( a cornish rex), had reappeared in the garden after a good 2 months away, probably run out of sparrows and blackbird chicks.

It was a bit of a day for returning animals, as if they had all been on holiday for a few weeks too, back from there summer hols and popped by to say hi, for not only did Leroy swing by, but a family of Mallards came back that had been visiting before christmas, Mum with her 6 ducklings all grown up, really lovely that they remembered us, as they came back to the front door as she has now with two sets of ducklings, and they came straight in through the front door and into the hallway demanding bread, at least I think that what they were saying, I gave then 3 slices, they left me 3 presents in the hall, maybe thats a formal custom in Mallard circles, I didn’t say anything, just incase I offended any of them, ( thank goodness for wooden floors) and off they went.