All’s Quiet On the Western Front.

Hi there, we live in west Auckland,  any one living in these here parts are coloquilly known as Westie’s, nothing like the small terrier with the same name, as the dress code for a ‘Westie’, is black jumper n jeans, with a goatee beard. Any how all is quite of the chicken front really, I’m slowly building the new coop, just returned from Spa n Pool shop , where there was a stack of pallets for removal, the mear mention of free range eggs, and the pallets were mine.

The girls are all pretty much settled, not quite sure where they are all laying at the moment, but once the new coop is complete I can try to rectify that,with built in nest boxes, Nancy is still broody, but has stopped laying again, the chicks are all grown up now, not pullets anymore, but no eggs yet.

Summer is drawing to a close, so the lean months are ahead, as far as eggs go, otherwise nothing else to report, but never fear as soon as there is , you’ll be the first to read about it.