Return Of The Keeper

Hi readers, thanks to all of you who dropped by while I was gone fishing. It was a lovely week of sand surf and sun, caught one fish too small to eat, back it went into the sea til next year. There’s a new pic in The Secret Layer of the beautiful location.

Returned home to find all hens in order, thanks to our lovely chicken sitters, The Stokoe Family. Daisy’s comb has healed alot after being attacked by a Pukeko, it nearly ripped the whole comb off, and left her with a couple of nasty gashes in the top of her head, they have been very protective of their space as they have small chicks at the moment, and Daisy got too close.

A strange demonic looking cat has taken up residence in our garden since we have been away. It has white eyes, very scruffy appearance, and appears to have killed a rat in the run, the hens are aware of the cat, but don’t seem too perturbed.

Alls well.

Bartering with Free Range Eggs

Hi there , well new developements, yesterday as we were cycling back from the school where t.o.h works, I saw a lady carrying a large cabbage, to which I remarked, ‘ nice cabbage!’, carried on cycling, she called out to me ‘ do you want it?’, not often you get offered free food on the road, ‘ pardon?’ I said, ‘ Would you like the cabbage, I’m trying to find a home for it, I have too many’ she replied.

So ofcourse I stopped turned around and introduce myself to the bearer of the cabbage, who turned out to be called Jenny, today we went back as promised with 6 eggs, and Jenny let us take a bag full of fresh organic veggies, so I think we have struck up a bartering relationship there, as Jenny and her son seemed very pleased with the eggs.

On the not so good news front, we lost two eggs today at the beaks of Pukeko’s ( swamp hens, pic below), a rather noisey and aggressive bird that will kill the chicks of other birds in their surroundings, the hens see them off when they come over to our garden, but they must of been stealthy to get the eggs, as I’m sure if the girls had seen them they would have steamed in claws flying.

pukeko-nz swamp hen-(wild bird)

pukeko-nz swamp hen-(wild bird)