Running around like a Chicken

Hi there, today has been the most disaterous day for missing birds,. Normally Gloria and Nancy are the two most reliable hens for staying put, however today it seems an escape party had been organised, with probably Nellie and Daisy at the forefront of the plan, as they are the two that my 11yr son has to wrangle after school from the neighbours garden, on near enough a daily basis.

 I hear you cry , fences!!, yes well  i have built fences from bamboo, but they have taken to flying over them, last week there were two men digging a drench for a gas pipe next door, well do think i could keep them away from fresh worms, no is the short answer, so it took the workers a bit longer to dig the trench, as they played with the hens, i did offer to lock them up(the hens that is), but they were quite happy to have the girls along side them as they worked, made a change from their daily trench digging duties i guess.

But i digress, so back to the mass escape, a bit disconcerting to come out to give your 5 hens their afternoon snack, to find only one solo hen, looking at you as if to say, ‘ i told them not to do it, but they wouldn’t listen to me’, so off i go again, first to the neighbour to the right, where i normally find Nellie digging the bark, sure enough she’s there, 1 down 3 to go, spoke to the neighbour on the left, no sign of them, ummm, this posed a bit of a problem, it is easy to find the ones who escape regularly, because i know there favourite spots, but where to look for the others was a bit of a mystery, i live in a cul-de-sac, so i walked up to the end, looking in all the gardens, met another neighbour Vicky, no sighting from her either, it was as i turned to go home, i saw the siloutte of Gloria, in amongst the vegetation in the garden of the house on the corner, thats when the trouble started, Gloria, does not being pick up, and is a fast runner, so the end result is me running around stooped over in amongst the neighbour bushes, finally chased her back up the road to the house, i had broken into a sweat, 2 down 2 to go, well Daisy came out of hiding to see what all the commotion was about, grabbed her, 3 down, 1 to go, Nancy was no where to be seen, she had never been out before, and there are plenty a cats in the area, to chase her about, i searched all the front gardens of my short road, then went around the corner to the main road searched another 10 or so houses, eventually in got in the car, and drove off to find her, i didn’t have to go far, she was up the road under a bush, honestly, i’m wiped out. i think project fences is going to need an upgrade.