New Arrivals

Maria, Betty and Dorothy.

Maria, Betty and Dorothy.

Hello reader, i’m very excited, we have increased the number of varieties we have by 300%, that sounds like alot when you put it that way, but basically what we did, was go and buy 3 new chicks, all of different breeds, as we only had the one breed to begin with, (the brown shaver), it’s quadrupled our breeds instantly.

The new varieties are, Black Minorca, Light Sussex( sounds like a brigade of calvalry), and a Wyandotte Gold Lace, the Minorca is quite a large bird, and the chick is a few weeks old, and the two younger ones have adopted her as their surrogate mother. The Black Minorca is a fine bird, she has black/ blue eyes that look quiet demonic, the devils’ own hen. The breeder from whom we purchased the chicks, had so many breeds, with some amazing specimens, she is a member of the Auckland Poultry Society, and enters lots of shows.

Also, much to the delight of t.o.h., this poultry breeder also breeds pigs, and there was a litter of piglets running around in the neighbouring sty, that will be the next addition i feel to the urban farm, fortunately they were all pre-sold.

Auckland City Zoo

Hello reader, I went along with my partner and 11yr old son to the zoo yesterday. It was a windy and somewhat overcast day, so I expected limited viewing of the animals. What I didn’t expect though was for about a third of the exhibits to be closed for maintainence, I had been raving on about the great aviary, closed, my son was looking especially forward to the tarantulars, closed, aquarium, closed, and the much advertised draw card this summer, the tiger cubs, closed for maintainence. Really come on, no one said anything at the ticket office, there is a small A4 sign next to one of the ticketing windows, in this size font, printed over the top of a tigers face, so difficult to read or notice in the first place, I feel there should have been a verbal notice given prior to purchasing the tickets, we still would have entered, but wouldn’t have been as disapointed. I should say we still had a good day out, as even with the closed exhibits it’s still a great zoo.

The highlight of the day, was really the animal farm corner, massive chickens, Buff Orpington, as big as a small turkey, and the two pigs, that had a tiny bantam friend called Solo, with the biggest thighs, like an old russian fighter pilots trousers.

We got chatting to one of the zoo keepers about the stray chickens in the neighbouring Western Springs Park, he told us with great authority they had been dumped there by people over the years, and are now just wild, now some of you may have read in an earlier post, that I wanted to take a couple of fertile eggs from a nest I had discovered there some weeks ago,  the other half protested so much, that they belong to the park, the park staff will be annoyed, etc etc, not so says the zoo keeper, well I guess it is ok says the other half, charming I say, would take it from me that they were wild, but a man in a uniform, everytime. So apon leaving the zoo after ofcourse I had expressed my views on the closed exhibits to the information booth, we promptly walked around to where i had seen the nest, alas it was empty, next year.