General Update

Hi there keepers, it’s been all go on the chicken run, what with the untimely demise of Nellie, and the disappearance of the new Nora ( light sussex), while trying to finish the coop, and keep the girls off of the freshly sown grass seed, juggling act springs to mind, I think it’s the owners that become like their animals, for sometimes I feel like I’m running around like a chicken.

Fortunately we found Nora first thing this morning, in the neighbours garden, as she is a full sized hen, she’s pretty big, it was hard really , it was like seeing a big white pillow floating through the undergrowth of next doors garden, as she is not familiar with us yet, we had to shepherd her back to the run with a piece of bamboo.

Both Manuella the Minorca and Betty the Wyandotte, went over to say hello to Nora thinking it was their friend Dorothy, but soon found out differently as Nora launched into an attack om these strangers.

Being back out at the breeders, the lovely Raewyn, gave me new enthusiasm, there are so many amazing looking breeds, some of the bantams are fascinating little birds. I can see us getting more soon, also I’m hoping for Nora to lay an egg today, as she has come from a run with a rooster present, there’s is every chance the eggs will be fertile. Nora was in the show birds run, so she is from good stock.

Hopefully things will now settle down again on the run.