Big Eggs Have Landed

Hi keepers, our Minorca has been laying now for some four weeks, which is a delight, as the eggs have been the tasiest little white eggs I’ve ever had. It seems though wherever I read about Minorcas, it says that they lay the biggest white eggs of all the mediterranean birds, so I enquired on several sites( listed in blogroll), and everyone assured me they would gradually get bigger, so as I wouldn’t really notice.

Well today Manuella De Minorca layed an egg about 5 sizes up from the previous day, we thought we heard her clucking loudly this morning, and I’m not surprised judging by the size of the egg.  It’s enormous, it’s actually bigger than the shavers eggs, which is some feat, as there’s are usually bigger than you get in the shops, unless you go for Jumbo size. Here’s hoping they taste as good as the small ones.Manuella's first large egg

Eggs Eggs Eggs

Hello keepers of the chicken, today has been bountyful, it seems Manuella the Minorca Black hen has layed twice,  I found four eggs today , when I should of only found three, she had been honking alot today, that’s her clucking sound, a bit like one of those old rubber bulb horns,  honk! honk !, and it appears Daisy is back into laying even though she hasn’t finished growing her feathers back. So the basket is once again full, now with two colours of eggs, white and brown.

On the way to drop off the other half at work this morning, we drove out of our road towards the main road, and around the corner in the next street, (50 metres away),on the doorstep, clucking outside the neighbours house to be fed, was Daisy. I stopped the car, opened the window, and said ‘ Oi ! what are you doing?! ‘, she turned around looking very sheepish, then I call her a tart, and started to walk down the steps away from their door. She had only just been fed at home half an hour before hand, the neighbour Gary came over yesterday, and told Eimear that Daisy had been clucking at their door at seven thirty in the morning, he then went on to say ‘ and she ate two whole slices of wholemeal bread’ , no wonder she’s knocking on the door at seven thirty.

Molting Hens

Hi there keepers of the chicken, we have a serious molting situation going on here,  3 of the shavers are losing their feathers, good old Gloria is the only one still laying, even if it is in next door’s garden, they are ok about me retrieveing the eggs, and of course I give them an eggs or two now and again. Thankfully Manualla has just started to lay, the cutest little white eggs, yesterdays one was almost perfectly round, like a giant white gobstopper, ( confectionary from uk childhood).

Renee our newest  recruit, looks like she was laying when we got her, but has stopped in the new enviroment, hopefully she will resume normal service soon. The coop le grande is almost finished, but that dreaded thing called work, has got in the way again of my plans and endeavours.

Thanks for tuning back into the chickenkeeper, hopefully I too have resumed normal service.

In the Big House

Hi there keepers, as some of you may know we have 3 new chicks, one of which only just arrived three days ago, as we had to swap Maria the rooster, for Manuella the Minorca hen, which has caused more pecking and general trouble at mill, so in an attempt to force them all to get on, I decided to put them all in the same coop for the night, as they don’t tend to fight in the coop, probably because it’s dark and they wouldn’t be too sure who they were pecking, and heaven forbid they should peck Nancy(boss) by mistake.

Well they went to bed in a peaceful state, and all was well, but in the morning a different story, once they could see who was who they were off, i arrived down in the morning to hear much fuss coming from inside the coop, only Nancy had escaped the coop, she seems to be the only one who can push the door open. I think it helped though, as they seemed to be slightly more friendly towards each other.

We put them in together again last night, and there was less fuss in the coop this morning, so hopefully by tommorrow or the end of the week, they’ll be all be firm friends ( except Nancy).

Maria’s replacement

Hi there keepers, as some of you may have been following the Maria saga, well it come to it’s conclusion yesterday, it had got to the point where we could no longer ignore the obvious signs that maria was and is a rooster. Not having this breed before we weren’t quite sure, but in the end I think someone who had never seen a chicken before probably would have said ‘boy chicken’, so we drove back to the lovely breeder Raewyn, who exchange Maria for Manuella, yes that is the new birds name, as we had been calling Maria, Manuel for the past couple of weeks, we thought it only right that we called the new girl Manuella.

She is very different in mood, she was straight onto my lap for a cuddle, and even had a little nap, where as Maria(rooster), would run a mile if you even looked at him. Unfortunately the new chicks didn’t except Manuella, as I thought they might, I had hoped they would think it was Maria with a comb and tail trim, but no such luck, Betty(wyandotte) the smallest of the chicks, attacked her with a fuery, maybe revenge for the pecking dealt out by Maria, she jumped on her back and grabbed hold of her comb, and rode her like a rodeo bull.

So now Manuella is now living in the bottom of the welsh dresser on the deck, smaller than her previous dwelling but Betty free. It’s all going to be worth while as the Minorca chicken is a beautiful bird.