Lice and Mites

Hi there chicken keepers, or fans of keeping chickens, today has been de-lousing day for the girls, after the death of poor Nellie, I thought I should give the girls an M.O.T or fitness check, they do have a few lice but nothing major, however just to be on the safe side, I bought some powder to exterminate the little blighters.

Buying the powder was the easy bit, applying to the girls is alot harder, the first patient, (the easiest to catch) was Daisy, the whole process obviously scared her a bit, but I had some warning, a shot across my bow’s, so to speak and I managed to lift her up before she deposited on my lap, next in line was Gloria, again easy to catch, she gets lots of stroking, I think she just thought it was another cuddle with dust this time, after I had finished her, she didn’t want to get off of my lap, Nancy was next, and was alot of trouble, kicking and moaning, it’s what I expected from her, the last to recieve the treatment so far today was Betty, the Wyandotte, and she was a perfect patient, she just lay there while I covered her in strange white powder, as if she was at the hairdressers.

The other three, Renee, Daphne and Manuella were so wary of me by the time had treated the other four, that I think I’ll have to wait til tea time. When their faces willl be down in the trough.

Managed to get Manuella and Daphne last night before bed time, well in thruth I had to pluck Daphne from the coop, poor girl.

Manuella De Minorca Lays

Manuella first 2 eggsHi there keepers, the day has arrived, well it must have been two days ago now, for I found two little white eggs under the coop this afternoon, while cleaning. Manuella’s first eggs ever, I feel so honoured, however in my haste to retrieve the new little eggs, I forgot to leave one behind, to ensure her that her nest is safe.

At about 2.30 this afternoon I heard a commotion from the garden, apon investigating I found it to be Manuella, clucking near the coop, in her distinctive honking sound, more goose like than chicken if you ask me, I realised what I had done, and tried to replace an egg, but she wouldn’t have it, she tossed it out of the nest twice, so I took it back upstairs, I say nest, but really it’s just mud under the coop, so I furnished her with some straw, and on returning from the supermarket she was busy in there, arranging her new improved straw nest, and a new egg was layed.

They are so neat looking, about 2/3 the size of the shavers eggs, like a boutique egg. We shall have them with breakfast tomorrow. Keeping chickens can be so rewarding.

Welcome One and All

dsc01819Hi there, and welcome to The Chicken Keeper, my name is Rob and this blog is devoted to the keeping of chickens, and the trials and tribulations that go with it.

We started keeping chickens in September 2008, the list of poultry we have at present,  one Minorca, and four Wyandotte Golden Laced .  At present we live on a 1/4 of an acre with a creek running through the back, in Waitakere City, which is part of the greater Auckland area in the North Island of New Zealand, although I’m originally  London/Irish from Hackney, and the other half  is from Waterford, in Ireland.  We are just keeping enough hens to provide eggs for the family, we also grow some herbs and vegetables.  I’ve built the coop and run from recycled materials, see DIY corner for more details.

Comments are very welcome, I hope you enjoy the site and maybe find some of it useful.             If reading is not for you then check out the pics in the Secret Layer ^.