Dear Visitors, I may be some time.

Hi keepers, as some of you may be aware I am going on holiday, therefore I won’t be able to update the site as much as I normally do, I will have to wait until I’m at one of my siblings houses, so I can get to PC, but please don’t forget it’s here, but I won’t have much chicken news, unless I find some in the UK, which is highly likely as I’m trying to organise going to visit Richard from Kent, who is the creator of Down The Lane, a great site for downsizing and frugal liivng, he also keeps chickens.

So why not browse the archives while I’m gone, and before you know it ‘ I’ll be Bach’ dum dum dum dum!!!!  That’s a classical joke.

thanks all for your patronage so far, look forward to writing more soon. Still three more days til I depart.

Chicken Colditz

Half way stage of camp Tenko


Half way stage of camp Tenko


I’ve had it with retrieving the hens from next door’s gardens, and I’m sure, although they haven’t said anything, the neighbours are fed up of chickens’ droppings on their driveway. So today I started to build a big run, using bamboo, I suppose it’s more chicken Tenko, for those of you familiar with the BBC.

Sooner or later the civil engineers are arriving at my property to carry out some major works on the sewerage pipes at the back of the house, and they are to replace the old pipe that runs across the creek, so the girls would have had to be penned in then, heavy machinery about and big holes.

The larger of the new chicks, who I think is ready for a bigger space, she started clucking today, when she was surprised by my hand reaching in to change the water, also she can be quiet rough with the much smaller chicks, as she scratches at the ground, if one of the little ones are near her feet, they invariably get flicked out the back, in a rather unceremonious fashion.

So if I work on the run tomorrow, being a Sunday,…????, we’ll see, I could have it finished, then Maria can get out and mix it with the big girls, If she’ll mix with non pedigree birds that is, all in all it’s not the ideal I had in mind of the hens roaming around the garden happy to stay put, but this way they still have loads of garden to use, 250sq ft, and we can still let them out into the rest of the garden when we are at home.

Also this should I estimate give me about 5 hours week back, and they will all have to lay inside the run, no more searching for secret nests, although that was great when I did finally find it full of eggs, 9 in total, good day.