Impressions of A Rooster

Hello readers, it has come to my attention, usually at about 6.30 am everyday, that one of our hens, Nancy Pants, is crowing at the back door. Of late we have had a night time thief, coming into the run and eating the feed left out for the girls, in an attempt to not have to get up early to feed them, but a Possum I suspect is scoffing the food, so we haven’t been leaving any out for a week.

This has turned Nancy into a psuedo rooster, she has found a way to escape the run, and she hops up the back stairs, stands in the alcove for maximum acoustic effect, and lets rip her version of a rooster, which  sounds like a rooster, who’s not very sure about what he’s saying, sort of a questioning crow at the end. Imagine a town cryer ‘ hear ye hear ye hear ye, it’s 6.30 am and all is w-e-l-l,  I —  t-h-i-n-k? Is it 6.30am? ‘

It seems funny now, maybe that’s because it’s eleven am, but I can assure you, I’m not laughing at 6.30 am in the morning, more like swearing while trying a boot Nancy Pants back down the stairs, with a friendly slipper. Oh the fun never ends.

I’ve try several times to post the vid on here of Renee’s elephant impression , and i can’t so here’s the link to it.

feeding frenzy