Absent without Leave

Hi all, I’ve reached that stage, I am finding it hard to keep this going, I have lots to say about all sorts of other topics, but I’m trying to stick to the topic, chickens and related stuff. Someone asks me yesterday if were any famous chickens, I could only think of Fog horn Leghorn the crazy rooster from the cartoons.

Also i have been trying to get a more technical with this and another blog site, where i can post pics etc, but nothing seems to be working, I think that’s what slowed me down on the writing front,

The girls are all behaving themselves lately, I have improved the fences so they can’t get out so easily, however, I have alot of very tall bamboo in the garden, left from a previous dweller, bloody bamboo, cuts out alot of light from the garden, but worse, it sucks up all the water in the ground, and the garden is fair cracking up, the ground is spliting badly, had another go at it yesterday, but unless you know my garden you wouldn’t know that i cut down any. It’s been useful to build fences, but I’d rather it wasn’t there, because it’s just an ongoing job, unless i use some form of chemical warfare, which i don’t want to use, i rather go mano o mano, hand to hand combat. It does stop the girls going absent without leave.

So if any one reading this who lives in Auckland and wants loads of bamboo, come on over bring a trailer.