Update on Camp Tenko

Tenko for chickens

Tenko for chickens

Well, there I was feeling pretty good about my efforts of the new run, all fenced off with 6ft high bamboo, the gate even made from bamboo, I looked over it yesterday, spotted a couple of large gaps, which i blocked with, you guess it more bamboo, but then this morning, I left the girls in the coop til 11:30, thinking they will lay in the coop, but no, i opened the door on the coop to let them out for a feed, and they all marched out, straight through the fence, they can obviously make themselves smaller when they want to, as the gaps are half the size of them, a bit like when you first put a saddle on a horse, it pushes it’s stomach out, so when you’ve tighten the strap, it can let the breathe out and the strap becomes a bit looser, clever horses.

So it looks like I have more filling to do, more bamboo, which isn’t a problem, because it’s growing as fast as i can use it, we still have a few hundred stands of it, even though I have cut down a small forest of it, ok so maybe a slight exageration there, but all good stories need a bit of artistic license.

On the subject of escapee’s, Betty the new Wyandotte chick, had a little run around the backyard today, I left the wire ajar when I was giving them fresh water, and she seized her moment for freedom, she was harder to catch than one of the shavers, like a little roadrunner, cheep cheep instead of beep beep, but very simular in the running style, She’ll safely back in the brooder now with Maria and Dororthy, no doubt telling all about the big outside, ‘ oh the lights, the lawns, the bamboo, you should have seen it’, I know I’m no the only person who thinks there chickens talk.

Betty (roadruuner) Wyandotte

Betty (roadruuner) Wyandotte

Been Busy on the fence front

Hi there, I haven’t written much in the last few days as I have been trying to sort out another blogsite, with might i add not much success, also I have been out and about doing some work away from home, building fences, which i have also improved at my own place, to stop the hens from wandering, so it’s been harder to sit down here after a hard days digging or gardening, plus i haven’t much to report on the girls as I have not been here to see what antics they gotten into, i’m sure they have probably been brought back by two or so neighbours in my absence.

Well when normally gets back to me, I shall return with more tales of chickens do’s, or if it rains tomorrow.


Improving the Fences

Hi there, well i started off today, by checking through all my comments (1), so took all of 2 seconds, but hey it’s a start, check out a few other sites, to see what’s what, and then went out side to repair fences.

All a little too late, again the daily round up begins, Gloria, Nellie, and Daisy all missing, admittedly in found two of them quite quickly, but Daisy is still hiding. As some of know, i’m new to both chicken keeping, and blogging, but on the first note,  Has Dasiy gone broody?  Is this the sign that she is sitting somewhere on a clutch of eggs, it’s hard to tell but i don’t think i’ve had a egg from her in days, as Nancy is now laying, i’m still getting 4 eggs daily, but now i’ve lost track of daisy nesting spot.

More bamboo, will be needing to shore up the fences, i suppose a bit like dam building, you block up one area that obvious, then you notice there are three new holes, of course as i block 1 exit that they use, they find another, Nellie is the high jumper, i think with a few flaps of the wings she getting 4ft, any higher she’ll get a nose bleed ( beak bleed), the trouble is as i block more paths from the rear of the property, to the front, i also get blocked from using that path, get to think of ways of making gates from bamboo.

I realise how easy it is to get sucked into the pc too, i come in to check how things are going a find myself still here hours later, looking at more chicken sites, and others blogs in general. I must work out a schedule of works, order my time better.

As it turns out, Daisy miraculously appeared out from behind a bush, i searched the area no nest,  but it’s Daphne who is now missing, by the way i don’t have a huge farm, just my back garden, 1/4 acre, i give up, i’m sure she’ll be back around feeding time.

back to the fences.