Revival in Chicken Keeping

After the WWII the people of Britain were still on rations into the 50’s, so after seven or so years of powdered eggs, it seems the spoils of war didn’t include food for the people, of course everyone had been so busy building weapons they didn’t have much time for farming. To combat this new situation alot of the UK’s city dwellers took up urban chicken keeping. Infact it was what you might call a ‘ Boom ‘ in chicken keeping.

It appears to me that we are renewing our interest in urban chicken keeping once more, it would seem for different reasons this time around, mostly from what I have gleened, the new set of keepers are doing for health reasons, both for the birds and for our own health too. Sadly it was after WWII that factory farming took off in a big way, all those production lines during the war must have given some farmers bad ideas, and it has taken us 54 years to realise that, although we are far from ending it tomorrow.

Figures  show that more people are keeping backyard chickens today than they have since 1952. So much so that today I saw online someone looking for a chicken sitter( minder) in London, to look after their birds while they were on holiday. This could open up a whole new industry, another reflection though on the time we live in, back in 1945 everyone knew their neighbours, and they would have gladly looked after your hens.