Happy Easter

Hi readers, happy easter to all those christians out there, i hope the rest of you have a nice long weekend, I hope you are painting eggs with your children rather than giving them yet more chocolate. The giving of eggs can mean alot of things to different people. In most cultures it is a sign of new beginnings, whether that be a new child, or the renewal of crops and life in general, the spring tidings, so here’s to all your new beginnings. Happy Egg Day.

A Happy Easter

Hi there keepers of the chicken, and collector of the eggs, just wanted to wish one and all a Happy Easter, the time of year in the christian calendar when the egg is held in high regard.

May your new beginnings be fruitful.

Painted Eggs

Hi there keepers, does anyone still give painted eggs for easter? do you remember making them as a kid? would you be considered a cheapskate if you gave a child a painted boiled egg?
I think they look great, and are much more of a gift than a bought chocolate one, not that I don’t love chocolate.
whats your thoughts?