Who Likes my Dumplings?

Hi there , I have tried before amd failed, to make dumplings that is, I remember when my Mum made them at home, she would use shredded beef suet, which I found out is the hard layer of fat that surrounds the kidneys, I didn’t have any of that last night, so I substituted it with cold butter, ( has to be cold), then is kneaded in with the fingers, like making cake mix. Well they came out lovely, as it is getting a bit colder here, it was time for a stew. I made them some 10 years ago but they were awful, that’s why it took so long to attempt them again, my son has never tried them before, and wasn’t too sure about the flavour.

There were two dumplings leftover this morning, and I put them out for the girls, with a couple of leftover spuds, well they proved very popular with the hens, however they seemed to be getting their beaks a blocked up, a bit like watching a dog chewing a toffee, when it gets stuck to the roof the their mouths. The water trough seemed to be a hit after the dumplings.

I’m chalking that up as a culenary success.