Chicken Stir-Crazy

Hi there keepers, It’s been a little while since I last wrote anything, I ‘ve been having difficulties, stuck in a bit of a trough, haven’t wanted to do anything, at all. I have Bi-polar disorder, the new term for manic depression, enough of me, back to the chickens.

Not alot has been happening really, status quo, Nancy is still living next door, behind Mani’s shed, she is not even laying anymore,  Dorothy the Light Sussex, is slowly taking over, as she is by far the biggest bird, it’s funny to watch her run, as she is still running like a gangley teenager.

The new coop is coming along, Manuella the Minorca has taken to roosting on the top floor already, at present the old coop is within the new coop, I built the new one around the old one then took the roof and one of the sides walls off, there are still a few areas that need work, the roof isn’t completely waterproof yet, I got lulled into thinking ‘ It’s summer I’ll do the roof last, but it rained hard the other night and the girls looked very wet when they came out in the morning. Roof now temporarily fixed, but waiting for roll of waterproof material to materialise.

The council, have finally seen my point of veiw over the damage done to my enviroment after their sewage works were completed, basically they cut down two huge willow trees, scraped away two large areas of vegetation and topsoil, on either side of the creek, then to fix all of that they threw down some grass seed and straw one the other side of the creek, and that was their effort to restore my enviroment. they are now going to replant three native trees and fix up the the bottom of my garden. This was all made more difficult by the fact that the guy I was dealing with at the council was the water engineer for sewage, after asking him to bring a gardener with him next visit, things started to get through to him, as if the arborist was a translator, from non-council speak into council speak, basically they don’t listen to you, in some condesending fashion of ‘ you wouldn’t understand what is involved, it not just planting 3 trees you know’, well yes it is.

thanks to those regulars who hung in there when there was nothing new to read, hopefully I’ll be able to more soon.