Bird Brain Not So Small After All

Hi Keepers, someone recently sent me this on Facebook, I found it interesting and thought you might too.

Finally Renee Lays

Hi there, we have had a Light Sussex hen now for a good 10 months, we got her as a hen, she was a show bird, and the breeder saad she wasn’t sure if was laying, anyway we took her home, she looked like a good hen. She’s a big girl, and it has taken her a while to be accepted by the flock, however she wasn’t laying, and I mentioned to the other half, how she might be nice for christmas, bit of sage n onion, well funny thing is she starting the very next day, I swear they can understand us, now I just have to get her to stop doing her rooster impression in the mornings and we’ll all be happy.



Maria could be a Manuel

Hi there keepers, the more I look at Maria, our Minorca ‘hen’, the more I think she looks like a rooster, however I’ve not had this breed before and so it’s hard to tell, others have commented on her sexuality before from a photo I posted.

She has got rather long in the leg and doesn’t seem to have much weight about her, and they are a heavy bird, yet she is still young, so it could just be that she hasn’t put the weight on yet, she/he does tend to frame up alot to the other chicks, but then runs a mile if the bigger girls come any where near, not to mention the very entertaining butterfly incident, scared of a butterfly, not roosters surely.

The breeder reakoned it was a she, and she has been breeding for many many years so I guess she knows, also she did say if any turned out to be roosters she would happily swap it for a hen, which is nice of her, but what just dawned on me yesterday, is that if Maria is a Manuel, and we have to take it back, that means getting a new bird, which won’t be freinds with any of the birds, at least the 3 new ones have each other for company and protection from the shavers, but it will be a nightmare trying to introduce another new bird to the flock.