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Hello keepers, readers, I ‘d just want to say  Thanks, Tena Koe, Merci, Danke, Gracias, Dank, ευχαριστίες , ありがとう, Cпасибо and Obrigado, to all of you out there for reading my blog, sorry to any languages i’ve left out, babelfish only covers certain ones. I’m overwhelemed by the amount of people who are interseted in chicken keeping. Recent studies suggest chicken keeping is on the rise, highest figures since 1955.

The list of nations from which you are visiting the site now stands at 121, great to see something we all have in common. I hope you are enjoying both the factual and personal sides to the posts, if there is anything anyone would like me to add, please do leave a comment in the box, and thankyou to all the regular visitors to the site.

May your chickens live long and lay well

Nest Discovered

Hi there, this was a few months ago now, I had forgotten all about the pic, just thought I’d share it with you. Sneeky girls.

Merry Christmas

Hi there reader, it’s that time of year again, for those christian followers, and i would like to say a very merry christmas to you all, thanks for your support during the year, maybe yours worries be small. Cheers.

Setting fire to the pudding.

The Smallest Egg

Well, the hens seemed to have settled back into the run, after now having spent a whole week on the inside, as I said in a prevoius post, we did have some escapees, but all holes have been sercured.

I’ve been meaning to post the following picture for a while, it’s of one of the smallest eggs any of the hens have ever produced, the last one, which was some months ago, did not have a yolk

.Smallest hens egg weve had.

No hens to be found in Ireland

Hi there, I have n’t found any hens in Ireland, but having a great time all the same, a wedding, the beach, a barbicue at  the caravan in Dunmore, the weather has been typical. Wet and sunny. The hospitality from my partners parents and family is always great, they used to keep chickens too.

I found a Chicken

Hi there keepers, it didn’t take me that long really. I took my son and nephew to Colchester Zoo, which by the way is the best zoo I have ever visited, they have a great petting zoo, with the goats and alpacas, and just as we were about to leave that area, I spotted a hen in the bushes, well I couldn’t resist, I grabbed the hen from said bush and then happily sat on a bench with this rather placid hen, while the boys continued to feed the goats with nearby bushes, home from home, it made my day at the zoo complete.

It seemed to amuse the  other zoo patrons no end.

She was no Gloria, as in she didn’t nestle down in my lap, but she did allow me to stroke her for a good 5 minutes. I miss my hens.

Nancy’s Gone Broody Again

Hi there keepers, it seems Nancy has gone broody again, I didn’t expect her to do that in the wettest part of winter, I thought her maternal instinct would tell her that this isn’t the right time of year to bringing chicks into the world, but not so, she has managed to find her way back in behind the neighbours shed, even though they have screen off the outdoor area where the shed is, she has performed her mission impossible stunts to enable her to get back into her favourite spot.

I recovered 6 eggs from underneath her the other day, two of which didn’t pass the float test, so she must have been laying back in there for a couple over two weeks, there were at least another four eggs under her, and at least one had broken, for the eggs I retrieved were covered in yolk and pieces of broken shell. She is spending her nights in there now, which seems to have cut down the fighting for position in the coop , come roosting time. The last time Nancy went broody, it was for some 10 weeks, I wondered how long this one will last, as the weather is very different, cold and wet, I  imagine the warm of the coop will draw her back sooner this time.


Hi there this is in D.I.Y corner, but it seemed popular so I’ve posted it here too.

Rather than go to a shop a buy a plastic bin thats awkward to use, I decided to build my own from recycled timbers, even if you use bought wood, it’s still going to be better than plastic.

I started by finding the four posts for the corners, these are a mixture of pieces of pallets, and salvaged pieces of old fence post wood, as I had been recently donated a bag of ready mixed quick drying cement, left over from a job I did for a local,  I decided to concrete the posts in place, I only went down approxiamately 100mm, (easier to remove later if need be), using a wall as the back,  then place post in hole, fill hole with water, then pour in ready mix, pushing it down with fingers to get all the air out, ( however there is no need to use concrete at all, but if you dont then I suggest you put your posts at least 200mm into the ground, and pack the dirt back in using a heavy boot ), I then waited 1/2 hr for the cement to set, (it’s that quick), then cut all of the side pieces to length, and nailed them to the inside of the posts, thus making it easier to shovel out, with the straight edges,(see pic below). For the front I have placed two pieces of wood across at the bottom only, I may go higher as the heap grows, this will make it easier to get the fork in to turn it, plus stop the hens from scraping it out.  Also a hinged lid maybe put on in time.


compost bin

compost bin

Abandonned Nest

Hi there, well I hope you all had a nice couple of days off work. There have been movements on the nest front, it seems that the girls do not want to lay in the nest that got attacked, I don’t blame them, it makes alot of sense. After the swamp hens demolished 2 eggs, only one of the girls laid an egg there, it was the very next morning, I suppose in her panic to lay she didn’t know where else to go, but that was it, the following day they all laid under the house, beneath a piece of wood the lies up against the wall with a piece of plastic sheeting over it. That was good we knew where all the eggs would be, but not for long, the next day we appeared to be 2 eggs down, I assumed that they were having a day off, but this has continued now for three days, so this morning I watched they’re movments, and it was Daphne that gave away the new nest, for she sprinted for it as soon as she was let out, and it is where I imagined it would be, underneath a load of bamboo that i had cut down and piled up on the boundry of the neighbours garden, It’s just so thick I can’t see them in there.  

I will once the laying is over today, slowly lift up each piece of bamboo and look for the treasure, I guesstimate the new nest will contain 6 eggs