Absent Keeper

Hi there chicken keepers, it has been a very long time since I posted anything new, this is due to several events, mainly the reason is, I am no longer a keeper of the chicken, I recently moved back to the UK from New Zealand, and as yet have not acquired any new birds. The small flock we had in New Zealand was given to a chicken loving neighbour, who already had a small flock of their own. I missed them dearly, when I last saw them in their new home, they had settled in nicely, so much so that they had taken over the flock.

I started this blog as a diary of becoming a new chicken keeper, with all of the pro’s and cons of the practise, with a view to giving potential keepers an idea of what it entails, and maybe sharing some experience with veterans of the chicken keeping pastime. As I no longer have any chickens, it seems false to be writing about it, I wouldn’t make a good journalist too moral. I have missed the regular writing, as I do enjoying the process, so I may just continue to write related posts.

There is a vast collection of back posts that I hope can still offer some assistant, it appears that the ‘Trapped Egg’ is by far the most visited post, and with some 30,000 visitors this year so far without my writing any new posts, it must still be helpful to some out there, apologies to those who have written to me via the blog asking for advice, I hope you found the answers to your problems in the back catalogue. Thanks for comments and support since I started this blog, good luck with all of your chicken keeping.

The Ex-Chicken Keeper.