Egg Shells.

Hi Keepers, I was asked recently asked about feeding egg shells back to your birds, some people do this, I prefer not to, as I think it encourages breakages on the nest, however if you do want to feed them back to them , crush them up to fine pieces, if you live near a beach , then crushed up sunbleached seashells are as good, if not better. The main thing is to ensure they get the calcium for their egg shell, some feeds already contain it, check ingredients.



Hi Keepers , Readers, I have been very slack of late in keeping up on here, the truth is the more people visit the harder it si to reply to you all, I do have to earn a living aswell. To all those who have recently left a comment, I hope it all worked out well and you found the answers you were looking for. We recently had our reduced flock attack by a small terrier from a house behind our property. It looked very bad for a while, feathers everywhere and no sign of a chicken, however, they all appeared at roosting time, minus their tails. It’s a defensive measure, stick head down and bum up, dog bites tail feathers, let them go and run away, obviously works well, with a small dog, he just ended up with four mouthfuls of feathers for his trouble, I gave the owner a royal bollocking.