No Place for a Rooster

Hi Keepers

I’m appealing to locals who live in a rural Auckland setting. We have a beautiful Gold Lace Rooster, that we must find a good home for. The local city council by-laws, say we can’t keep roosters in a urban area, which is fair enough, I’m getting fed up of being woken at sunrise by Wayne. He’s only just found his voice, he’s gone from a reverse off key crow, to a proper ‘cock a doodle do’, in the past week, like a teenager who’s going through puberty. He’s a pure breed Gold Lace Wyandotte, from eggs we purchased from a local breeder who shows her birds. If any one would like to house him, please leave a comment here.

I will attach a pic very soon.

2 Responses

  1. I just found your blog. I too live in Waitakere, and you mentioned that you got some of your chooks from a local breeder. I have finished building my coop, and now seek occupants. Who is the local breeder, and how can I get hold of them, so I too can “shop local”

    • aorry for delayed response christmas hols etc, raewyn out in waitakere township, can remember surname at the moment. if you google NZ Chiken Breeders it gives you a list of breeders nationwide, Norton, thats it Raewyn Norton of Waitakere Township, I hope that helps.

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