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Hi keepers, thanks to all the visitors from all over the globe, too many countries to count, I have noticed in the new upgrading counter, California is leading the visitor numbers, followed closely by Auckland, NZ. Surprisingly in the UK, most visitors are from London, good to see Urban keeping is alive and well. Thanks again, I hope you continue to find the blog useful. TCK.

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am new to chicken keeping, just started in May 2011. My chicks were 4 days old when I got them, 1 golden wyandotte and two speckled sussex. They have been a great trio and have started laying. Recently this week I noticed that the Wyandotte, Beulah, has started bullying the smaller sussex, Percy. Prior to this no problem. This week I hve seen Beulah run up to Percy and back her up with her chest, I have seen her put her foot on her neck and try to get her to the grounf, as well as grab her by the neck. Percy has been disappearing into the woods only coming back near sundown. Yesterday Percy stayed the night out in the woods, I was heart broken. It should be noted that Beulah and my other sussex, myrtly, and been staying together sise by side whereas before the sussex where always together, in fact all three were always in close range of each other. Percy never came to roost last night and was out in the woods all night yesterday. This morning my Percy was at the front door soaking wet. I hate to see this repeated and Percy basically cast off/banished to the woods. Does anyone have any thoughts that would help me.

    Chicken Mamma

    • Hi Mary, sounds like like the pecking order has been established, and Beulah is at the top, the only suggestion I can think of is to get one more bird, it will take the heat off Percy, when we first got our hens, we got 3 to begin with, but we had a simular problem, Nancy pecked at the others, they were penned in at the time, eventually Gloria had enough and went balistic, she flew up onto Nancy’s back and let her have it, feathers flying. that calmed things down, but when we introduced 2 new birds it all changed and the original 3 stuck together. It’s the way of the chicken. When you have a small flock one bird can become bullied like that. God Luck mary, I hope Percy comes back to roost.

      • Hello Rob,

        Thank you so much for the encouragement. I have had a good cry, Percy is my favorite, and will continue to hope for the best.



      • Your Welcome Mary, one thing that always calms them down, is that they have plenty to eat, just like humans. Again Percyveer, bad pun, sorry. 🙂

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