Big Fat Renee

Hi keepers, the end of an era, Big Fat Renee has passed away. She was a force to be reckoned with, a Light Sussex, an ironic name for such a bird, she was huge, the same as the two featured in the ‘Chicken Police’ vid below. It was very sudden and quick, she was standing in the middle of the garden, and then gone, a heart attack is all I can think happen, it was over in a matter of seconds. We think she was at least 5 years old, hard to know exactly as we got her as an adult, she was an ex show bird, we should have called her ‘Lola’ based on that. Her character will be sadly missed by us, but I don’t think the rest of the flock will miss her to much, she was very greedy, and stood over the feed so none of the others could get a look in.

4 Responses

  1. So long Big Fat Renee!

    Our chickens have undergone a HUGE slow down of egg-laying. I don’t know if it is their age or what. (I’ve looked at all the various reasons for this- and none seem to fit.) So – I am suspecting it is their age.

    • Hi Karmyn, age will do that, most are only regular layers in the first two seasons, then they taper off, to as little as one a week, then none, in some cases.

  2. Just found your blog Rob and am thoroughly enjoying it. Reading about Big Fat Renee and the possible reaction to her demise by the other birds, I think the ‘not playing nicely with the other kids’ thing must be a Light Sussex trait! We’re down to one now – not a pure breed – and can’t say we’re sorry. We had one cranky bird in particular who wasn’t popular and her name, Catnip, shows that it wasn’t just with the other hens!

    • Hi Christine, thanks for your comments. It must be their nature then, Light Sussex’s aren’t so light, the bouncers of the chicken world. They are interesting, watching the constant battle to be top of the pecking order. Our Wyandotte has foster chicks just now, that she hatched, it has given her a new place in the flock, she is untouchable, the other birds do not dare cross her path. Happy Keeping.

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