Unexplained Illness

Hi keepers, had an unusual week, this week, moulting  still going on, and as I mentioned in an earlier post about moulting, it can affect the birds behaviour, they can became rather inactive, so I was that bothered when Nancy became quiet when she started to moult. I was disturbed however when we came out one morning ot find her wedged behind the coop, in a bad way. After extracting her from behind the coop, an examining her, she appeared to be having some sort of fit, a constant twitching of the head to the left, and her left eye was closed, her left leg couldn’t support her weight.

The only thing I could put it down to was some sort of stroke, brain damage? What ever it was it affected only the left side of her body, she wasn’t eating of drinking, unable to move, so on day 2 of this I finally after much deliberation, put her out of her misery, it was very hard to do. So our little flock is reduced to 4 birds now, which mainly consists of pedigree birds, three mongrel birds have died.

RIP Nancy- The Boss  Sept 2008 – April 2011.