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Hi Keepers, the most viewed post on this site is Egg Bound Treatment Works, it has also had the most responses or replies,  this came through yesterday and I wanted to share it with you all, incase you didn’t see it in the reply section, it was posted by Penny.

Penny’s Post

I have just had the same problem with one of our chickens, If she is dragging her behind, walking like a penguin & has her mouth open she is in pain, she is most probably Egg Bound. Don’t give up on her I never did.

Firstly do the warm water bath as suggested above, (Must hold. her bottom section under the warm water for at least 20 minutes.), then remove her, put on a plastic glove & oil your index finger with Vaseline or Olive oil.  Shove your finger in the vent & move it around to oil the inside of the vent as well as the outside. Dry her off as well as you can & put her in a separate cage away from the other chickens as they will just peck her & she must be kept warm & quiet so she can relax.If you can bring her inside all the better.

Then lastly go & get a Thick Towel put the towel in hot water or warm the wet towel in the microwave for a few minutes. Then wrap the towel in a plastic bag (I used two bags) It will keep the towel warm for a few hours, also will keep your towel clean. If you have a hot water bottle you could also use that wrap that in a dry towel, make sure it is not to warm as you don’t want to burn her. Put this under the chicken in the cage, she will straight away climb on top of it, (You will also notice that she will stop panting.the warmth helps to ease the pain).

 Our chicken was like this for 3 days & I had to repeat this procedure twice. I also took her down to the chicken run every morning & every night for her to stretch her legs & have some food.Also see that she has water at all times available in her cage. On the 3rd morning I looked in her cage & there it was ONE HUGE EGG!! & One happy chicken & An Even happier owner, never give up. “While their is life there is hope” Cheers Penny.

I welcome your feedback, as it helps us all learn more and in turn be better carers for your birds.

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  1. Hi, desperately searching for answers and help for our grace bear. She is a rhode island red appx 14 months old and the boss of the flock. About a week ago she seemed a bit less like herself and instead of constantly spanking the younger chickens she kept to herself. They free range but I havnt seen her lay an egg since this started. She is very heavy and a big girl so when she slowed down we figured it was just the incredible heat we are having in Texas. Of course the girls have plenty of water their own wading pool and spend all their time in the barn with the horses taking advantage of the fans. Her lower abdomen became quite swollen and warm. And she became unsteady on her feet. She made small crying noises and was gasping to breathe. Wed I packed her up and took her to the vet assuming she was eggbound. $103 later and clear xrays the vet sent her home with no explanation. She has been thus brought into house in a carrier and most of panting has resolved. Won’t eat. Drinks almost nothing. Will try to take a bite of anything offered like she is hungry but no matter what it is , yogurt, berries, eggs etc once she gets a taste she stops and refuses anything further. I am having to wrangle her and force a piece of smzs down her daily per vet instruction. Almost impossible to force anything down a chickens beak! Her abdomen remains swollen and squishy and firm at same time. Vet could not find a “pain response” upon palpation so we are stymied. She is off balance and does not try to stand as she is wobbly. She is bright eyed and aware but withdrawn and still. What is wrong and what to do? Again vet found nothing whatsoever on xray not even fragments of an egg. Can anyone please help us with our Grace bear???? I feel helpless!
    Dawn in Tx

    • Hi Dawn, I’m afraid it sounds like something that happened to one of our chooks, and I’m afraid she didn’t recover. It could be a viral infection that has effected her. I thought that it was probably a minor stroke that happened to our chicken. She seemed to be off balance, turning always to the left and had a visable tick in her head movements, she would eat drink or be merry, she slowly got worse over 4 days until I put her out of her misery. Unfortunately as chickens aren’t seen as valuable animals, vets aren’t really trained in POULTRY health. They seem to know very little. One last effort you could make, is buy some medicated chick feed for her. This contains antibiotics, worth a try. Good luck.

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