Christmas Humbug

Hi there keepers, I hope those of you celebrating Chritsmas  had a great time. I have had better days, my favourite hen died in her sleep last

Gloria sunbathing with Nellie

 night, I tried everything I could to keep her going, but it was all too much for her, flies killed her, more precisely maggots killed her, she had become fly blown for the second time, I thought I had got rid of the problem but clearly not.

I shall really miss her, as she was the one hen who would just come and sit on your lap, if you were sitting in the garden, she liked being patted and given lots of attention. Poor Gloria R. I. P., I’ve buried her the back garden, the other hens all came over to the hole to find worms, but soon ran away when they saw me put Gloria in the hole.


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  1. I’m so sorry!

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