Fertile Eggs

Hi there keepers, exciting times ahead for our little flock, we have been out to see the lovely Raewyn and Gary to get some new additions to our flock, this time we’ve gone for some fertile eggs, as Renee our Light Sussex is broody at the moment. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she was broody for about two months last year,  she became poorly from sitting on the nest box too long, even though I had removed the eggs, she still sat there day after day, eventually I just threw her out every morning, until she got the message.


So this year we thought we’d give Renee some eggs to hatch, it’s the first time we’ve try this, and possibly a first for Renee. We got her as an adult so not sure. She is currently sitting on three Wyandotte Silver Laced, three Barred Rock ( Plymouth), and two Dorkings, it was quite simple to just slip the eggs under her, I left two of her eggs in with them, just so she didn’t get worried about her own eggs, I don’t know it’s all guess work for me,  here’s hoping they all hatch. I think Renee will make a good mother hen, I just hope the others are ok with little chicks, and don’t get aggressive towards them.

I will let you know how it goes along the way, Happy Keeping.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds great, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy raising her own chicks!

    I have had a couple of friends with broody hens in the past week, and instead of trying to “break” them, I gave them some of our fertile eggs to put under them. They’ll keep however many of the chicks they want, and I’ll take back whatever they don’t want (all the roosters, and whatever pullets they don’t want to keep).

    We’ll eat the surplus roosters, and either eat or give away the surplus pullets (if there are any).

    It’s a great deal for everyone, even the broody chook!

  2. I think this is exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear the results.

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