Changing Seasons

Hi there keepers, the seasons are a changing, we’re in springtime down here in New Zealand, the Daffodils have been and gone, the Bee’s are swarming, and the hens are aware of the new year, Renee has already started to brood 2 days ago, we want to get some fertile eggs to put under this time, as are small flock has been depleated with the loss of Nelly and Daisy, and also last year Renee sat on the nest box for 2 months of more, and became quite dirty and thin, we thought if we give her some chicks to rear, she be off the nest quicker.

Another feature of the warmer weather is flies, this hadn’t been much of a problem in the past, other than a few extra ones in the house on occassion, however this spring I have encounter a nasty side of flies, one of our Shavers or Cinnamon Queens as someone described them the other day, had an infestation of maggots, I had heard of fly blown cattle before, mainly sheep, but  didn’t realise chickens were suseptable to them, since making a comment on another forum, I had several accounts of lots of different animals being attacked by fly, kittens seemed to be the most disturbing.

What I found was an open wound just below her vent, with 30 – 40 maggots wriggling around, quite digusting, as it was just below the vent it got very dirty, from the look of her comb, I’d say she got a touch of blood poisoning, I noticed a slight darkening to the tips of the comb.  So it was into the operating theatre ( laundry room), hot bath’s and cut away the dirty feathers around the wound, alot of the maggots came out in the hot water, but some needed prizing out with a cocktail stick, it wasn’t pleasant, the smell of the wound added to the whole experience. After ensuring all the maggots were out, and the infected flesh had been removed, I just scrape it away with wooden skewer, once this had been washed out with warm water using cotton buds, I applied some antiseptic cream. I repeated this for 3 days, and she seems to be on the mend, although she’s not out of the woods just yet, she’s very weak from not eating properly.

I’ll let you know how she gets on of course, and any other bits that crop up with the changing seasons. happy keeping.

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  1. My lil lady had the symptoms of egg bound. It was maybe a half a day & a night before i noticed this. That next morning I gave her a warm bath for twenty minutes..Mineral oil on outside if vent.put her in box inside house.waited an hour a little bit of poop came out.then another bath 20min.then a finger up the vent with mineral oil.heard a small sqish.then she walked around the yard for about 30.min. pooping & oozing no egg..Then I gave her another bath before dark & her vent was so swollen she was i have her in the box with some electrolilite water & a heater & heating pad she is just sleeping. I’ll try another bath in the morning and a finger in the vent again All using mineral oil..I hope for something to pass soon it will be 2 full days tomorrow..I’m trying to home remedy her the best I can and tips or advice much appreciated. Ive read someone doing this for 3 days 7 it worked. Shes a Rhode Island Red. My favorite lady..

  2. How do you know if your chicken is flyblown and whats the best way to treat it?

    • Hi Again Ariana, well the way I found out was, there were a few flies around her vent, when I picked her up, there was a rotten smell, not the usual manure smell, but a dead rotten smell, apon further inspection, I found maggots oousing from a wound above her vent.

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