Hi there keepers, apologies for lack of added content lately, I’ve been busy making the New Zealand public laugh. Something that has been brought to my attention lately is eggs, well more the freshness of eggs, how long will they last? etc. I find that in itself and interesting question, in terms of we seem to have lost simple knowledge, i.e if something doesn’t have a shop use by date, we don’t know what to do. My advice is crack the egg over a cup if your unsure if it’s still ok to eat, and use your nose, not your eyes to tell you whether the egg is still fresh.

Our neighbour just moved his garden shed today,which was up against a wall of trelis fencing, and discover a nest containing 5 eggs, one of our shavers had been brooding in there last year, one egg cracked in the move, and it didn’t take very long for them to know those eggs were unedible, the children ran loudly from the scene holding their noses.

When we first got our hens, I bought a date stamp, so we could stamp our eggs with the date they were layed, I gave up on that a couple of weeks into it, as we seemed to eat the eggs as fast as were being layed. Again this is only my personal experience, for the amount of birds we have, but we keep our eggs in a wicker basket on the kitchen bench, out of direct sunlight, and place fresh eggs at the front, and use them from the back, this seems to work out fine, I have heard chefs say DO NOT  put eggs in the fridge. Finally if we end up with surplus eggs to our weekly requirements, we give them away to friends and neighbours, always a welcome gift.

Eggs are happy food, the more you eat the happier you get.