Back in the Eggs

Well it seems the winter has passed, the daffodils are starting to reach for the sun, and the first one popped it’s face out today, the other sign is,

eggs eggs eggs

 two of the shavers have started laying again. Its been a while since I found a brown egg in the nest box, a good few months. This will be the third summer we have had our hens, I wonder if their prime laying years are already over?. I do remember one of the breeders we obtained our chicks from saying to replace the birds after 2 years if you want to keep a good supply of eggs.

Of course she was looking at it from a commercial point, but you can’t just dispose of pets after 2 years and replace them with younger models,  it was quite difficult to return the two roosters, Dorothy and Maria, (aka Dave and Manuel), and  we’d only had them for a few months, before we realised they were boys, and besides I don’t think anyone else would put up with ‘big fat Renee’s’ constant moaning.

So the eggs are a plenty again after the longest dry period we’ve had since being keepers of the chicken. May your nests be full and your birds be healthy and happy.

Dorothy Hits Big Time

I started this blog because I enjoying writing very much, I had no idea of the spin offs that would or could occur. I have made several new

Dorothy/Dave the light sussex

 friends from around the globe, it’s given me a whole dinner conversation piece, it’s now been viewed by over 13000 people from over 70 countries, but the thing that’s tickled me the most so far is the request for my pics on the Secret Layer  , the lastest request is for a pic of Dorothy, one of our earlier birds, who’s no longer with us, she didn’t die, she turned out to be a he, so we returned her/him to the breeder as we can’t keep roosters on our residential property.

However Dorothy/Dave will be soon appearing in a house and garden magazine in Australia, yep she’s gone international, the journalist said she would send mea copy of the finished article, which I will add to the site, for your viewing.

Thanks for all your viewing and comments, much appreciated.