Minorca Saves The Day

Hi there keepers, recently as some of may have read, we have had no eggs for the first time in nearly two years, last winter didn’t seem to effect


 the girls laying like this winter has. As my other half was doing alot of baking last week, she had go and buy some eggs from the supermarket, free range of course, I must admit I had a slight feeling of guilt mixed with disapointment.

Well this may have been just the prompting the hens needed, as no sooner had we bought the eggs, infact we hadn’t actually cracked any of them, when Manuella our Minorcan started laying again, as we were told by the chicken breeder we bought our hens from, Minorca’s are winter layers. So when all the other breeds are closed for winter, in steps the Minorca to bridge the gap.

So I urge to invest in at least one Minorca, so you have a nearly constant supply of eggs all year, not only that, they are also such a beautiful bird, distinct colouring, black feathers that emit all the spectrum of colours when the sun hits them,  they have these delightful white wattles that grow near the ears, and a floppy large red comb to top them off, Manuella Gonzales Conchita, her full name, is one of my favourites in our small flock.

Girls On Strike

Hi there keepers, we appear to be eggless for the first time in the last 18 months, I nearly considered buying some yesterday, then common sense prevailed. It seems as though Renee, the first to moult, and the only one who had started laying again, has decided to moult again, this is a first for us, and a bit strange as winter is here already, quite cold last night.

I hope the Minorca starts her winter laying soon, as I am missing the eggs, as they have become a constant in my everyday, also not getting my natural omega.  This is also part of being a caring chicken keeper, appreciating the birds for just being, rather than viewing them purely as a source of food or machines that constantly produce eggs.

As we have lost a couple of our flock, due to illness and possibly drunk youths, maybe it’s time in increase the numbers again, which in turn should increase the possibilty of an egg a day, to keep the psychiatrist away.