Egg Bound or Trapped Egg Symptoms.

Hi there keepers, I have noticed in the search engine for this site, that quite a few people type in, ‘ How can you tell if a chicken is eggbound? ‘, or simular. I can only tell you how I detected ours were.

The first sign and posssibly the most obvious, was that the affected hen stopped laying eggs, now we only have 6 hens now, so I can individually recognise each hens egg, which makes it easier to know who has stopped laying.

The second behavoiur I noticed was that, the affected hen seemed to be constantly pushing down her rear, infact the whole tail of the bird was pointing at the ground, rather than the healthy tail feathers up position, On closer inspection of the vent, ( the hole both eggs and waste appear from), it was constantly being pushed by the hen, in an effort to free the egg, so the vent is visably being pushed out and then going back in, every few seconds. In some cases there will be alot of white discharge, this is because the solids are stuck behind the egg, and only the fluids can get passed, caution when examining vent, see Egg Bound Chicken Treatment  for details.

In general the affected hen will appear down, not moving around much, bum down, off their food, with a look of constipation. Good luck.

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  1. my chicken’s comb whent a bit balck and purple then started sneezing i could hear crakerling in her throat she got very big and stopped eating and drinking we then started only having 14 egg instead of the usaral 15 eggs she then died in the following night what might it have been

    • Hard to know what exactly happened there Amelia, sounds like a case of eggbound chicken, how long had she been that way? do you have 14 chickens?

  2. help please another has got it what should i do

  3. what is the treatment for egg bound chickens

  4. My hen is acting as if she is eggbound, as per the symptoms you listed above, but when I did the glove and oil trick in the vent I didn’t feel any egg.???

    • Hi Alicia, it is quite difficult to distinguish what is the egg, as it all feels the same in there, be sure you are going up once inside the vent. It may be that the egg is trapped further up the tube. Try the hot bath treatment, again. Good Luck.

  5. My hen has a large egg sized lump underneath her vent, and is very lethargic and not really eating anything. She has been like this for some time now; what should I do?

  6. I have a chicken whom i have noticed today is stretching her neck right out and making a unusual high pitch sound, her rear looks swollen?? and doesnt seem to be able to poo properly, the other 2 chooks have no residue on their hind (bum) feathers however she has. and also opening and closing beek alot, iv put her in a seperate cage with some water and feed for now. i have 3 chickens all of which have been off lay for a couple of months now, with the occasional chook laying a soft shelled egg..they have had no change in diet or habitat and are about 4 years old..not sure what i should do…please help.

  7. whilst giving my chicken a warm bath she was screeching every now and again and throwing her neck around and she would go all floppy, i had to hold her head so she wouldnt drop it in the water…is this normal?? and a small amount of muscle/flesh poped out of her bottom after being in the bath for just over 10 min, then retracted after being out of bath for couple of minutes…should i leave her in bath longer, was in for nearly 20 min, but seemed to be distressing her at times and also made her quite lethargic like she was dieing.. so i took her out…please help any advise on what im suppose to do

    • Hi Elizabeth, It sounds bad, she may have a prolapsed vent, and or trapped egg, she may have strained her vent due to the trapped egg, have you tried to gently feel for an egg? It may need a vet. Take a look on YouTube for video that graphically show you what to do. Good luck.

      • yes thats what i did, thats why i was unsure if it was normal for her to react the way she did in the bath..she layed a egg this morning and seems to be improving, i kept her beak moist every now again by placing a drop with my finger, cause she would not drink..but during the day made the occasional screech sound, not as bad as yesterday tho..what is a strained vent?

      • They can get a prolapsed vent from pushing too hard when the egg is stuck and they end up pushing the vent inside out, sort of, if that makes sense.

  8. oh yeah no she hasnt prolapsed..havnt heard her make that screech sound today, so hopefully she will keep improving.

  9. we have a hen who is having this problem ,we put her in a warm bath. she seamed to like it, is there anything else we should do or just leave her alone? she did have bloddy show. and is still trying to lay


    • Hi Jody, blood coming from her vent? I ‘ve not experienced that before, I don’t know what to say there, it sounds like she has internal damage. Any more news?

  10. Hi my chicken is a buff brahama hen i think she might be egg bound.She has been acting strange today.she had her tail down over her butt and pointing at ground?whats happening she doesnt usally do this?please help?
    thank u 🙂

    • Hi All, I’m replting to all the past 4 comments, you’re doing all you can, i’m afraid, it’s very much up to the hen aswell, or a vet, keep up the caring for the bird, it’s will either work or it won’t, i’m afraid thats the nature at work, old age I.e 4 yrs could be a factor. Good luck to you all, I hope your hens recover.

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