Chicken Update

Hi there, just a post to let you know i’m here, and general update on the girls. They are all molting at the moment, feathers everywhere, I’m afraid they do look rough, tails have gone, poor Gloria has gone bald on top, and as for Betty the previously beautiful Golden Lace Wyandotte, she looks like she been in a bad fight and lost. Nancy the top hen seems to be keeping her feathers quite intact, and Manuella Conchita Gonzales the Minorca has only lost a couple here and there. As a result of all this molting, egg production has gone down, only Manuella is still laying.

On an up note, Daisy our wandering hen, has been captured by myself, around the block at the neighbours. I took her home and locked her in a cupboard for 3 days, not quite as bad as it sounds, what I really did was contain her in a large dark tool cupboard under the house, with plenty of food and water, until it seems, she has forgotten about the nest around the corner, which took 3 days. I had read elsewhere that this is a cure for a broody hen.