Return Of The Keeper

Hi readers, thanks to all of you who dropped by while I was gone fishing. It was a lovely week of sand surf and sun, caught one fish too small to eat, back it went into the sea til next year. There’s a new pic in The Secret Layer of the beautiful location.

Returned home to find all hens in order, thanks to our lovely chicken sitters, The Stokoe Family. Daisy’s comb has healed alot after being attacked by a Pukeko, it nearly ripped the whole comb off, and left her with a couple of nasty gashes in the top of her head, they have been very protective of their space as they have small chicks at the moment, and Daisy got too close.

A strange demonic looking cat has taken up residence in our garden since we have been away. It has white eyes, very scruffy appearance, and appears to have killed a rat in the run, the hens are aware of the cat, but don’t seem too perturbed.

Alls well.

Gone Fishing

Hi readers, it’s that time of year again, I’m going fishing for a while, please feel free to rumage amongst the blog while I’m gone, have in look the drawers see if there’s anything you haven’t seen before, just tidy up after yourselves.

I am taking the laptop with me, but I don’t know if I’ll find a wireless connection where I’m going.

Speak to you all soon, with maybe a tale of how the biggest fish got away.

Impressions of A Rooster

Hello readers, it has come to my attention, usually at about 6.30 am everyday, that one of our hens, Nancy Pants, is crowing at the back door. Of late we have had a night time thief, coming into the run and eating the feed left out for the girls, in an attempt to not have to get up early to feed them, but a Possum I suspect is scoffing the food, so we haven’t been leaving any out for a week.

This has turned Nancy into a psuedo rooster, she has found a way to escape the run, and she hops up the back stairs, stands in the alcove for maximum acoustic effect, and lets rip her version of a rooster, which  sounds like a rooster, who’s not very sure about what he’s saying, sort of a questioning crow at the end. Imagine a town cryer ‘ hear ye hear ye hear ye, it’s 6.30 am and all is w-e-l-l,  I —  t-h-i-n-k? Is it 6.30am? ‘

It seems funny now, maybe that’s because it’s eleven am, but I can assure you, I’m not laughing at 6.30 am in the morning, more like swearing while trying a boot Nancy Pants back down the stairs, with a friendly slipper. Oh the fun never ends.

I’ve try several times to post the vid on here of Renee’s elephant impression , and i can’t so here’s the link to it.

feeding frenzy

Food and Water is not Enough

Hi there readers, after keeping hens now for some 15 months and of course documenting it along the way, I have reached the conclusion that chickens need alot of stimulation.

It appears that they are very emotive, for example if one lays a soft egg, she may be depressed for up to 3 days, maybe to a hen this is the equivilent to a miscarriage. Also since  they have been confined to the run, I have noticed that they search for food almost most of the time, when not dust bathing or napping, therefore when the source of food in the run expires, they instantly look bored.

Their mental well being ensures a better physical well being, so I am increasingly giving them more to explore and play with in the run, also trying to provide potential homes for bugs etc, hence the title Food and Water is just not enough, the difference between living a life and exsisting. I recently cut down a dead tree that have been strangled by Ivy and dragged the ivy covered trunk into the run, this has provided both a new source of food for them and a new object to explore, now I’m not suggesting you do the same, but have a think about their day, and give them something to do.

The Joy Of Eggs

Hi there readers, eggs eggs eggs, I cannot say enough about the quality of the eggs our hens produce, as I’m sure other keepers will relate, the taste, colour and nutrience is far above the mass produced varieties that fill our supermarket shelves. I have written previously of the health qualities of the home grown egg or organic egg, mainly the omega contents can be up to 500% more than that of a supermarket egg.

The second best use of the eggs is giving them to friends and family, it’s great to hear the responses from those who are so used to the pale tasteless battery variety, I hope that it will encourage them to buy organic eggs, or better still get some of their own hens.

 It costs less than the price of 6 organic eggs  to keep 3 hens per week.  

eggs eggs eggs

A Happy New Year

Hi and a happy new year to those following the christian calender, or gregorian as it’s refered to, I hope all went well with the start to the new decade. The hens have started 2010 contained finally, it seems, in my patchwork run made of wire, bamboo, string and pieces of pallet wood.

Renee our Light Sussex has seen the new decade in still sitting on the eggs that will never hatch, yesterday when I removed the nest box to change the hay, she went back into the coop, saw that the box was gone, and then came back out to look at the coop,  then went back in to check again, like she was checking if she had the right house, on the second visit convinced she was in the right coop, she just sat on the floor where the nest box had been.

Good fortunes in the new year..