Finally Renee Lays

Hi there, we have had a Light Sussex hen now for a good 10 months, we got her as a hen, she was a show bird, and the breeder saad she wasn’t sure if was laying, anyway we took her home, she looked like a good hen. She’s a big girl, and it has taken her a while to be accepted by the flock, however she wasn’t laying, and I mentioned to the other half, how she might be nice for christmas, bit of sage n onion, well funny thing is she starting the very next day, I swear they can understand us, now I just have to get her to stop doing her rooster impression in the mornings and we’ll all be happy.



2 Responses

  1. I think you could be right about how intelligent hens are. My 2 girls (Holly & Ivy) are 22 weeks now and on Thursday last i showed them an egg from my fridge just to give them an idea of what they should be laying. Later that same day Holly laid her first egg! Such a clever girl.

  2. i fully agree with you that they can understand us. before my 2 girls started laying only a few weeks back, i became so impatient i decided to show them a shop bought egg and talked to them about it for a few minutes, daft i know, but it worked she began laying the very same day.

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