Betty Our Wyandotte

Hi there keepers of the chickens, great news, we have another layer, hoorah!,  just as my patience were wearing thin with them, they have pulled through. I happened to notice that this morning, Betty was missing from the group, who were seeking the sun patches in the garden, so I started to look around for her, and I heard the quietest little ruffle in the bush, and sure enough it was her sitting on a nest. I pretended I hadn’t seen her of course and proceeded back in to the house, shortly after loud clucking came from the garden, and there she was making the loudest noise I’ve heard her make ever, I think she saw me.

I went over to where she had been hiding, and there were three little eggs, her first I think, I noticed her trying to nest under another bush a few days ago, but i thought it was a bit out in the open for her, well she has found a new spot, which means I have found two new nests this week, so now four out of seven are providing eggs, Nancy is still broody with only one egg under her, I’ve been over twice trying to push her out of the nest, but she won’t budge, I can’t get her out as she is behind the neighbours shed, snadwiched between that and the trellis fence at the back of the shed, I just worry she will go hungry, and in these cold conditions she may fall ill, come home Nancy.


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  1. I had such a hard time when our first hen went broody. I kept taking her off the eggs, and she just kept finding more eggs and sitting on them. Over and over!

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