Back in the Eggs

Hi there keepers, of late we have been a bit short of eggs, what with moulting and the girls laying away from our garden, however now that the weather has turned for the worst they seemed to have nearer home, as I have said before, and kiwi’s will know all too well, when it rains here, it really pours down, instant rivers form just about anywhere they can.

So it seems the girls have decided to move the nests a bit nearer to the coop and relative dryness, which means the egg basket is nearly full again, it’s been  two months or more since I could say that, in fact the only reliable hen has been Manuella the Minorcan, which now that I think about was why we chose her breed in the first place, as they are known to lay in the winter here.

On the subject of moulting, poor Gloria is looking very rough, the top of her head is presently bald, and she has lost alot of feathers down the back of her neck, she looks a bit like she has literally been dragged through a hedge backwards, and it seemes to me that they are fully aware of how rough they look, Gloria infact seems quite depressed over the whole issue, she spends most of her time hiding in the bushes, and won’t let any of us pick her up, whereas before moulting she was more than happy to pick up for a cuddle and bit of pampering.

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