Eggs Eggs Eggs

Hello keepers of the chicken, today has been bountyful, it seems Manuella the Minorca Black hen has layed twice,  I found four eggs today , when I should of only found three, she had been honking alot today, that’s her clucking sound, a bit like one of those old rubber bulb horns,  honk! honk !, and it appears Daisy is back into laying even though she hasn’t finished growing her feathers back. So the basket is once again full, now with two colours of eggs, white and brown.

On the way to drop off the other half at work this morning, we drove out of our road towards the main road, and around the corner in the next street, (50 metres away),on the doorstep, clucking outside the neighbours house to be fed, was Daisy. I stopped the car, opened the window, and said ‘ Oi ! what are you doing?! ‘, she turned around looking very sheepish, then I call her a tart, and started to walk down the steps away from their door. She had only just been fed at home half an hour before hand, the neighbour Gary came over yesterday, and told Eimear that Daisy had been clucking at their door at seven thirty in the morning, he then went on to say ‘ and she ate two whole slices of wholemeal bread’ , no wonder she’s knocking on the door at seven thirty.

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