Molting Hens

Hi there keepers of the chicken, we have a serious molting situation going on here,  3 of the shavers are losing their feathers, good old Gloria is the only one still laying, even if it is in next door’s garden, they are ok about me retrieveing the eggs, and of course I give them an eggs or two now and again. Thankfully Manualla has just started to lay, the cutest little white eggs, yesterdays one was almost perfectly round, like a giant white gobstopper, ( confectionary from uk childhood).

Renee our newest  recruit, looks like she was laying when we got her, but has stopped in the new enviroment, hopefully she will resume normal service soon. The coop le grande is almost finished, but that dreaded thing called work, has got in the way again of my plans and endeavours.

Thanks for tuning back into the chickenkeeper, hopefully I too have resumed normal service.


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