Nellie R.I.P

Nellie died 22 March 2009 R.I.PDear reader, poor Nellie has passed away, she literally fell off the perch in the coop last night and didn’t recover, very sad, she seemed so unwell, I didn’t think she would make it, but we were hoping for the best. We gave her a burial in the garden and said a few words.

Daphne has made a full recovery, also Dorothy has been taken back to the breeder as she was a he, however we have lost his replacemant already, I placed the new hen in the run and left all the others out in the garden, but when I went out to shue them into the coop, Nora was gone, I think she was scared off by Nancy, it was getting dark so I hope she hasn’t gne too far and I’ll be able to find her in the morning.


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