Le Coop De Grande

Hi keepers, well the time has come for me to expand the coop again, for those of you following the trials and tribulations, you will know that the girls are already living in the second home built coop, but now they are out growing that one. Now that the eight of them are living together, it’s not the size, I mean they do have enough space, it just the mess they make, after all they just roost in it, they don’t lay there, as the coop is a cosy size, it doesn’t take long for it to be dirty, also the main hinderance to me cleaning it is that i can’t get inside it, therefore I am building mach III, almost half shed size.

Ofcourse I shall be using the trusty pallet as my main building material. I have already constructed part of the frame from some 4 by 2, ( that’s wood that is approxiamtely 2inches thick x 4 inches wide, in old speak) which has been left under the house  by previous tenants. This time however I am going to build nest boxes inside, and encourage the girls to lay indoors. I don’t really work to any plan with these projects, they just sort of organically grow as I find the pieces of timber I need.

Therefore it makes it harder to give you details of how I’m constructing the coop. I’ll try.

 I started by making two rectangle frames of equal size ( depends how big you want your coop to be), using the two frames as the sides, I then joined them with more 2×4,(again length of these pieces will determine the width of your coop), at the top, with just nails, once this has been done both top and bottom, you should have and open cube, if that makes any sense. Then using the flat pieces from the pallets make your roof and sides, leaving the necessary gaps for doors and or windows etc. It sort of ends up being a bit of a patch work of wood.

It will save all of the jumping the neighbours fence, to retrieve eggs from nests next door, although it might not give me so much to write about, perhaps if I get things in too much order it will become boring, something tells me that won’t happen, it’s not my nature.

I will try to take a pictorial diary of the construcion of Le Coop De Grande.

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